As you may, or may not have noticed, Novell has the beginnings of a new
search engine available to look at as "beta" when you search from the
Novell header. Yea..I _really_ sucks right now....but we have
to start somewhere.

I'd like to get a little unnofficial, unscientific feedback from this
group regarding search if you don't mind helping me out a little. If you
can answer the following questions for me I'd be in your debt. Don't
reference what is available now, but think of your ideal world. Also don't
think about just knowledgebase search, but a truly ALL Novell search:

1 - Pretend you enter a search term from the search box on any Novell
page. When you see the results, would you (A) prefer to see the results
in a "basic" (i.e. "clean, uncluttered") results screen....a rank ordered
list, with an "advanced" search option as a separate selection *OR* would
you (B) prefer to see your results immediately in an "advanced" (i.e. more
cluttered) way with results divided out into categories, with all advanced
search options immediately available?

2 - Would it be desireable for you to see (A) ranking numbers in the
search results that indicate the % relevancy to your search to the terms
you entered *OR* (B) would you prefer to see a rank ordered list without
the extraneous relevancy number cluttering up the results?

3 - Would it be desireable for you to (A) see a clean results list without
document/web page dates listed *OR* would you rather (B) see the
document/page date for each entry listed in a little more cluttered
results page?

4 - In using a search engine, which is more important to you? (A) Ease of
use and a familiar layout *OR* (B) powerful functionality? Assume in this
scenario that, like an expensive piece of electronic equipment, the
ease/functionality is a trade can't have both and that the
'powerful' option would require getting used to.

That should be a good start for this unnoficial poll. I may ask more
later. Thanks in advance.

Kim (12/2/2009 10:32:36 AM Mountain)