I'm still having issues creating Pools/Volumes on my server. This is the first SLES OES server in my tree. I've double checked everything and still continue to have problems. I've deleted and reinstalled countless times. This is also a VM in a VMWare ESX4 setting. In a test enviroment, I can create a server, load OES on it, and have NO problems creating a NSS pool/volume. So I'm assuming I doing things correctly, and it just has something to do with my current tree/setup. I've finally fixed all my SLP issues, and everything, including the new server, is in sync.

We're a low income public school district, so we can't afford to call Novell directly to open up a support case.

I'm new to linux, so I'm not sure off all the commands and other things to try to troubleshoot this. Untill I get this up and running, I can't play with linux much.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! someone help!!!