I have more than 40 servers to migrate, all in different buildings and on different subnets. We're doing a remedial step before moving to OES2 Linux, we're upgrading everything to the latest NW kernel so we can introduce OES2Linux servers into the tree and then migrate off the old servers. Here is my present issue, and I hope someone can help.

The present servers are all running GroupWise post offices and have some shared data that needs to move to new hardware. (I'm upgrading GroupWise at the same time -- I have the GroupWise move and version upgrade already handled.) The old NW60 servers are on a "legacy subnet" which means we need to migrate data from one subnet to another. The old servers all have 10/100MB NIC interfaces while the new servers have 1GB. This means that using the Novell SCMT utility (wkstn on new subnet, 1GB link), I have to bounce every packet through the router to go from 1 server to another, some times up through switch stacks and out to other closets to talk with the router. In some cases, a data copy of 20-30GB is estimated to take 3 full days to copy. (Both servers on the same subnet take only 2 hours for the same transfer volume.)

What I'm looking for are other ideas for speeding up the process.

I have 1, which is to install a new 1GB NIC in the old server and configure it for the new subnet. Since I'm only doing an NCP copy of data, I see no reason why this shouldn't work. Any thoughts on this strategy?

If anyone has other thoughts for alternative solutions, I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance,

-- Geoff