This week I learned from Craig Johnson how to set a filter exception for
web access to work properly on my public nic.

After fixing that problem I went on to get gwmon to work with web access
it looked like it needed some exceptions for 7205 and 7211.
After some trial and error I finally managed to get a connection with
gwmon for web access, so I went home feeling pretty good.

At home I tried to access the web access but I failed, well I thought
that maybe I had done a little bit too much filtering.

This morning I found out that the server was doing nothing. It abended.
With a message that it had some problem with filtsrv.

After a reboot it abend again immediately.
Every time the server starts filtsrv of ipflt31 it will abend when
filtersuport is active in inetcfg.

With filtersuport disabled, I looked at the filters but there was not
much to look at because there where no filters in place. Filters.cfg was
indeed empty.

I restored the buildins.cfg and filters.cfg and did a filtsrv migrate.
After reinitializing the system (and ignoring the messages that I should
load filtsrv without the migrate option) I can take a look at my filters
with filtcfg.
In any other case it will load filtsrv without migrate option and it will
abend a messages:

Break at 0010B67 because of int 3 breakpoint
Notice: executing in a real mode interrupt context
Enter command gp to <g>o until again in a <p>rotected mode context.
Curren focus processor: 00
Eax = fc8a. and a lot of more about 4 lines..

I checked my memory module, it seems there is nothing wrong with that one.
I went on doing a lot of stuff the whole day to fix this problem.

Luckily, its not a production server yet but I was planning to role this
baby out in a couple of weeks. I dont want to reinstall this system and
really want to get this problem out of the way. I wont feel good having
this problem out of the way by reinstalling the server. I really want to
know why this problem persists.

Anybody out here who could give me some hints how to get down to the
problem or maybe solve it?

Specs of the problem system:
2 nic system running
Netwar 6 sp4e
Bordermanager 3.7 sp3
Groupwise 6.5
2 3com nic's auto resolved drivers


Stefan Jippes