I have a BorderManager 3.5 Server with multiple ip addresses on the
external interface which are being NAT'ed to internal ip addresses and
the server itself is acting as a web server for GroupWise WebAccess. It
has the default filters applied and one extra one allowing all incoming
and outgoing packets which is giving me effectively no firewall
protection. I need to remove this rule allowing all access and set up
more protective rules. It looks to me like one of the default rules
allow all outgoing packets. Either way I would like to allow all outgoing
packets if it is not already enabled by the defaults. I need to allow
any incoming packets which are replies to outgoing requests. I also need
to allow certain services to pass through on the NAT'ed addresses such as
pcanywhere, citrix, etc.. Basically I need to allow everyone to access
anything on the internet but restrict anything originating from outside
except for certain services I want to go to internal services NAT'ed from
the external IP Addresses applied to the external interface. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Brad Phelps