Windows XP on desktop
GW 8.0.1 client
GW 8.0.1 PO, MTA, etc on NetWare 6.5 SP8 server

Reading through a few of the posts it appears that client 8.0.1 has changed some of its printing functions and users are experiencing one particular problem....Printing HTML formatted e-mails and getting only the header to print and the body not printing.

We too are experiencing this with a few users. To add to the confusion, I have two nearly identical PC's with the same version of the GW 8.0.1 client and IE. One of the users experiences the printing problem noted above, the other can print the same e-mails using the same printer drivers to the same printer and the header and body print as they did with GW 8.0.0 client.

I have seen a couple of work-arounds (and one more is to print from webaccess, if it is available; this seems to print the html formatted e-mail's header and body correctly) and they work ok.

My questions is, given the new info that it is not consistant as i described above, does any one have thoughts on what we might look more closely at on the PC itself that might be triggering the issue?