I've currently got RSYNC Netware source to Netware backup with no problems but we will be replacing our Netware source servers with OES2 Linux servers and still need RSYNC.

UKLN-NW1 - Source
Collo-NW1 - Backup

uid = nobody
gid = nobody
max connections = 0
syslog facility = local5
#pid file = SYS:/rsync/rsyncd.pid
motd file = SYS:/rsync/rsyncd.motd
log file = SYS:/rsync/RSYNCD.LOG

path = DATA:/Sites/UKLN-NW11
comment = UKLN-NW1
read only = no
use chroot = no
timeout = 3600
transfer logging = yes
use lfs=yes
hosts allow=
hosts deny=*

Transfer command run on Netware server:
rsync -ravz --delete --volume=Data: RsyncFolder/ --ignore-errors --compress --times --partial --progress --stats --bwlimit=100

Obviously the parameters aren't the same for Linux. When I modified the destination path to fit linux I got a connection refused error : port 22.

Any ideas of how to change the port to 873 that Netware RSYNC uses?