Been messing around with deploying the latest ZFD7 agent using MSI app but having all kinds of quirks/troubles. It appears that if you check the "Distribute app in workstation space if workstation associated", then the application ignores your settings for Rebooting. I had it set to reboot "If needed" and to "prompt for reboot" .. when the "distribute app in workstation space" option is checked, it just reboots itself when done. If its not checked, you get the prompt after install.

Is this normal/expected behavior? or am I doing something wrong?

Ideally, I'd like to do a WakeOnLan before users get in, then distribute the app shortly after (hopefully while at the login screen), which will then auto‑reboot when done. However, if the user is logged in, then it should give them the prompt instead of force rebooting.

On a semi‑related note. the app would not force run when associated to the workstation without the "distribute app in workstation space" option on. It would pop up in NAL at 4:00pm (my schedule was 4:00pm till 4:10pm), but it wouldn't run automatically, even though its set to force run on the workstation association.

Let me know if I've lost ya.. at this point I've gone cross‑eyed :)