I'm working with a mixed environment. The majority of our file services are hosted on Sles/OES. I am working on one currently that is hosted on a RHEL server. The intention is to run Samba for users who need to access the files on this server via Windows/Mac.

All is working well, except for one little catch.

When i attempt to access an SMB share from a Windows workstation, with the Novell client installed. There's about 30-50 seconds worth of lag. It feels like the system is attempting to access something, and once it times out, it falls back to a second method, which succeeds.

I did some digging, and found the problem. Whenever a new SMB session is started, the system first attempts connections to the server on port 524, after about a dozen or so of these, it falls back to the standard SMB protocol.

This is a problem, because this particular server does not run any novell services, it's a vanilla RHEL server, with Samba installed. Port 524 isnt even open.

If i attemtp this same session on a clean Windows XP install, with no novell client installed, the transaction happens in a matter of about 3 seconds, and the connection is established.

Why does the novell client interfere with simple smb connections? And can this be stopped? All of the users who are going to be accessing this server also have the novell client installed. I can't have it poking its hands into a non-novell related connection.