I'm configuring a new deployment of ZCM 10.2 and as am testing bundles and making changes I've noticed that the changes I'm making are not making it down to the workstations after a refresh or even after rebooting the whole computer.

For example...

I create an MSI bundle and associate it to the workstations. When I refresh the agent, the bundle appears - no problem. If I then change something in the control center (add an icon, rename the bundle, add/remove a requirment) thos changes don't get to the workstations no matter what I do. Deleting the bundle completely and then recreating it with the changes does work, but obviously I shouldn't have to do that.

I'm wondering of A) There might be something wrong with my server or B) perhaps there's a different kind of refresh that's more thorough? I tried running the "zac refresh bypassecache" command but that didn't work either (which cache is it bypassing by the way and when is this command usefull?).

Please help! Thanks!