Hey Guys,

New simba rpm's are now available in your SBE channel.

- Support to upgrade server to OES2-SP2 / SLES10-SP3
- Fixed an issue with creating new VPN keys.

How to Upgrade:
- Make sure your registration is current
- In the updates pod (lower left corner), hit "Check Now"
- NOWS SBE System updates should be available for downloading
- When installing the updates, its very possible that the web frontend will stop communicating with the backend. Open up a terminal and type:
tail -f /var/log/simba/server.log
Update will be complete when server.log says "Update Complete".

- Restart simba (important!)
/etc/init.d/simba restart

- Now you can upgrade to OES2SP2 and SLES10SP3, hit "Check Now" again.
- if the move-to-oes2-sp2 patch is available, you will see a button that says "OES2 SP2 and SLES10 SP3" is available. Click the corresponding "Upgrade" button. This will upgrade your system.
- Again, the web frontend might stop communicating with the backend. Open a terminal a terminal and tail -f /var/log/simba/server.log. Upgrade will be complete when it says "Upgrade Complete".
- Reboot your server.

- if you do not wish to upgrade, but would still like to install regular updates, simply update the server as you normally do (i.e. don't hit the "Upgrade" button).

Have Fun!