I am using ZLM7.3 IR1.
I am creating a backupscript and I couldn't get zlm_dbbackup.sh to work correctly. It kept asking for the database password.

During the ZLM install /root/.pgpass is created.
In this file is the server:database:username:password, all Postgresql command can use this file, so these questions are skipped.
The default file looks something like: 792b9ac99d2b182

As said it didn't work, after some fiddeling around I found out the file is actually wrong. Novell's script zlm_dbbackup.sh uses Postgresql tool pg_dump and in the script localhost is used.

So to get it working like it should edit the .pgpass to:
localhost:5432:zenworks:zenadmin:1a5f644b1e4042cd9 792b9ac99d2b182

Hope this helps someone in the future...