Today I tried deploying the groupwise client as an MSI app. I scheduled the app for between 5:00pm and 5:10pm (just for testing) , associated the app to a workstation with Force Run and Application Launcher enabled. I was logged into the desktop of the workstation so I could watch the process as it happened. had NAL up to make sure the application icon showed up.. it didnt show up until 5:00pm, which is fine (even though Always Show Icon is checked)... the problem was.. it didn't start installing automatically.

After messing around with different settings, it appeared the only way I could make it work was to check the "force run as user if workstation associated" box was checked. It would then seem to auto-install somewhere in the time slot.

This doesnt seem right to me... as there must be a point to the force run for a workstation association by itself. Tried bumping the version, etc..

Thanks for any tips or explanations