We're going to use Desktop4 to give a few users remote access to other
workstations. This is in an environment where NAL works fine but
there's apparently no workstation inventory as I have no workstation
objects in eDir.

There's no problem with Desktop4 except that it seems to require that
REMAGENT.INI contain the specifics of the workstation, making it hard to
provide access to multiple stations.

I realize that I could devise a multiplicity of batch and/or text files
to allow changing from one to another target workstation, but I'm not
big on re-inventing if someone already has a solution. So, short of
going via ConsoleOne, does anyone know an easy way to use Desktop 4 to
get to various different stations, without going through shuffling out
versions of REMAGENT.INI?

I might be missing something, but I couldn't get it working without the
reference to the specific station's IP address in that INI file. And I
do need to refer to the workstation by IP address.