Hi Guys,

We've been running ZCM for about 18 months now, on about 1500 xp pc's. Now its finally running nicely, I'm turning my attention to Patching (not something we've really done before).

Question 1: we have about 100 xp machines (out of the 1500) still on SP2. I read there was a bug that if you added a pc to the zone that was using sp2 and then update to sp3, it would continue to search for sp2 updates, not sp3 updates, is this still the case in 10.2.1

Question 2: when I deploy a patch to a machine, it makes a bundle under the zpm folder in zcm (ZPM Assignment on.....). Can I delete these after the patch has been installed, or will that delete the patch from the machine (read something in the forum about it uninstalling after 30 days.)

Question 3: Once I get a nice baseline, is there anyway to setup staging groups for Patches, the same way you do for ZCM updates, or is ticking and unticking the box next to a workstation name the only way of setting who gets what (don't really want 1500 machines to get a patch at once incase it goes wrong).