I've integrated my Teaming 2 site with Access Manager, following the steps documented in the NAM documentation. Works great! SSO, WebDav, etc. All good.

But...ooops! This morning I realized the e-mails were no longer coming into Teaming! Of course! When the public DNS entry was NATted directly to the Teaming server, I had opened port 25 to it and e-mails were coming in perfectly.

But now that Teaming is behind NAM, well, heh heh - no more incoming e-mails!

Is there any way to configure the proxy service in NAM to pass any requests on port 25 directly over to the Teaming server so that e-mails will be accepted?

Or any other suggestions?



P.S.: I have also posted this in the NAM forum in case any there has any idea.