I need help setting up a filter exception to allow traffic to a
particular web site. Here is what I have:
Netware 6.5 with sp1, BorderManager 3.8 with sp1 with all the default
filters in place. I have enabled HTTP proxy and pointed my workstation
browsers to the proxy. This works fine. I have enable Enforce Access
Rules and they seem to work fine. Now here is my problem. I have a
secure web site that many of my users need to log into. The web site
goes something like this: https://this.site.net:8081/startup.jsp
Traffic to this site is blocked cold by the BorderManager server. I
tried to add an access rule to allow access to port 8081 from any source
to this destination but this does not seem to help. I assume that I need
to add an excetpion to my packet forwarding filters to allow this traffic
on port 8081. Can you point me to the exceptions that I need to create?