Setup server and everything (proxy, vpn....) worked except for editing/modifying filters.

1. Got error "The ADD FILTER REQUEST FAILED" in iManager while editing any filter or creating a new one.
This was after I had already created filter exceptions.
2. Ran BRDCFG to re add the default filters but to the public interface but it said it could not create some filters exceptions.
3. Deleted all default filters and followed TID 10080403
4. filtcfg was blank, but NDS showed the newly recreated default filters. iManager was empty as well.

1. Delete tcpip.cfg, filters.cfg, and netinfo.cfg
2. Recreate your bindings
3. ****Reboot your server (only way to get this to work)
4. Then run brdcfg to reconfigure the default filters. (following TID 10080403)
5. Seemed to be corruption in the setup of the ip configuration files. I have multiple static and dynamic nats on this interface but only created what I had to have to get the filters reset. Then added the secondary ip's and nats.

Cost me a incident to reboot the server and re run this tid and get it to work. Hopefully this will help someone else.

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