Hello. We are wondering if nalagent.exe is supposed to be running twice as it does not appear to be this way on all workstations. One nalagent.exe process is running under NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, and the other nalagent.exe process is running under the username.

Reason we are asking is because the one running under the username consumes 100% cpu immediately after closing the Application Launcher Window running on the desktop. Upon closing the Application Launcher, the AUTHORITY\SYSTEM nalagent.exe process closes, and the user nalagent.exe process remains and instantly spikes to 100% indefinitely (unless you kill the process in the task manager).

Using Sysinternals Process Monitor reveals that nalagent.exe is constantly scanning for the following nonexistent registry key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetWare\NAL\1.0\Process Management]. These registry lookups appear to be what is causing the 100% cpu usage, but why? Creating the Process Management key does not eliminate the lookups.

This issue is possibly related to another 100% cpu bug we experienced with a "save icons" feature being stored under the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetWare\NAL\1.0\Links] registry key. We followed the suggestion of deleting the Links key on logon in the following post and this seems to prevent nalagent.exe from automatically starting up at 100% cpu. Our current issue is only when closing the Application Launcher which starts the 100% cpu usage.


We have considered preventing the Application Launcher from being closed but there appears to be an underlying problem we would like to understand further. Thank you for any information.