Hi there. Not posted much before but could do with some advice.

We run Netware 6.5 on VMWare.
On one server I need to move the main data volume to a different storage area. SYS volume not affected.
However I want to keep the existing volume 'live' as long as possible.

I had thought about doing this:
Current volume is NV04 on pool NP04
Creat a new volume and pool call NV04a and NP04a
Restore data to new volume from latest tape backup via Backup Exec.

Then use iManager to rename NV04 and NP04 to NV04b and NP04b
Rename the NEW volume and pool to NV04 and NP04

This way I hope users will only be affected whilst I run the rename - or even do it after work.

Should this be OK and will all mapped drives continue to work after the rename?

A novell friend of mine hinted I would need to run dsrepair afterwards. Why and what will this do?

I need to keep the 'old'volume available but not mapped for users. I think the above also does this?

I have used Netware for a while but not in siginificant depth so please let me know if I am going about this the wrong way!