I'm about to upgrade my GW703 installation on a NetWare 6.5 SP8 server to GW8 in our single server environment

I'm an old hand at this, literally an old hand unfortunately !
Getting near retirement now so need to ensure I don't make any silly mistakes :)

The history of this system dates back to the mid 1980s
We hung onto NetWare 3.12 for as long as possible
Took I think the wise decision to avoid v4 and eventually upgraded to NetWare 5

We then upgraded to NSBS v6 which formed our first GW system about 10 years ago I think
The GW archive seems to date back to 1999
The NSBS was then subsequently upgraded v6.5 with the various SPs

Then a couple of years ago the GW element was upgraded separately to v7.0 with all the service packs and HPs so now at 703 HP1A I think
But the NetWare part of the NSBS v6.5 is still running everything on the one server and has been recently patched to SP8

After the problems with GW7.0 when released, I thought it might be wise to wait a bit before upgrading to GW8 and now that we are at GW8 SP1 I've purchased the GW8 upgrade so:

1) Can I upgrade directly to GW8 SP1 using the downloaded gw801_full_nlmwin_multi.zip without installing GW8.0 ?

2) Will the GW801 upgrade install much the same as when I upgraded from GW702 to GW703 ?
i.e. Will it just pick up all the existing settings and take off without any additional encouragement ?

We're already running ConsoleOne 1.3.6h
Typing "Version" at the server console reports
Novell Open Enterprise Server NetWare v6.5
Support pack revision 08
Server version 5.70.08
Novell eDirectory version 8.08 SP4 SMP
NDS Version 20217.06
Novell Small Business Suite Server

3) Since this is a live system, is there any road back to GW703 if it goes pear shaped ?

4) Is there anything in particular I should watch out for ?

I really need a smooth ride with this upgrade so any helpful comments would be much appreciated