We've been using DNS names in login script mappings without any problems for
several years. Netware 6.5 sp7.

ex: map r: = testserver.mtg.edu/sys:home/test

We also have SLP configured (scoped) - works great for the mappings that use

However -- a few days ago, our primary Microsoft DNS server went down -
which was 1st in the list of available DNS servers. Our DNS mappings
started to fail with "unknown server" and 8884 errors. We had 3 other DNS
servers defined as "backup" --- but it appears that the login script only
used the first server, and when it wasn't available - failed the mapping
with 8884..

Note: We could still ping the Netware servers using their DNS and IP
addresses that listed as 8884 after the login script failed all of its drive
mappings. You could even map to them using their NDS names -- just not the
DNS names when the 1st DNS server was down.

To resolve this we had to remove the failed server from the list of
available DNS servers, thus making the second DNS server the first one (the
second one was also a Microsoft DNS server). Once we did this, we were
back in business - no failed mappings.

Any ideas on why this would be? It doesn't seem quite right to us that the
login script would stop and fail the mapping, rather than move on to the
next DNS server. ???

Thank you.