Client 4.95SP5 with the nwfilter patch applied; UNC filter is On in the client settings.

I have an NSS cluster called "datacluster" with a volume called "data", and I have created a DNS entry for the virtual IP of the NCP server (i.e. datacluster will resolve to the virtual IP) to make life easier (or so I thought!).

My problem is that the client is still doing Netbios lookups when using UNC path of the form:


So, it can take a few seconds for the volume to come up in explorer and even while selecting other folders on the same volume.
If I use the full domain name like \\\data\... then it is fast.
If I use the IP address like \\\data\... then it is very fast.
If I use the NDS style address like \\orgtree\.datacluster_data.ou.o\... then it is very fast.

A packet trace for the problem case does in fact show several NB lookups for datacluster even though the client has already located the resource.

What would be the best way to resolve this? Since there are now quite a lot of dependencies on the \\datacluster\data\... format, I wouldn't be so happy to be going and changing all those references to something else!

Thanks for any hints.