Sles10sp2 OES2sp1 server patched to current running on ESX3.5. This is a
file server with about 75 users that connect to it. We have noticed that
ncp connections from certain users seem to accumulate and never get
cleared, even when the users log out cleanly and shut down their
machines. I have users which list some 200 connections to the server.
NRM tells me I have for example 65 licensed connections but some 1200
connections are listed. At some point the server become entirely non
responsive. Users cannot connect to mapped drives, remote connections to
the server are not longer possible, we cannot even get a ping to
respond. The ESX server console also fails to give access to the server.
Our only option is to use the ESX console to cut power to the VM and
then restart the server. Everything is fine for about a week and then
the cycle repeats.

so far I have tried playing with the watchdog settings on the NCP server
but to no effect. the only lead I have is that the users that
accumulate the most connections are all running DELL notebooks. Novell
Client is 4.91sp5

any ideas? thanks