I am trying to use a tiny tool to arrange a way to WOL
power on a workstation in the LAN of a customer
using the win32 wake on lan GUI provided by


in the LAN it is working nicely. From a c2s connected
home office PC it is not working [1]. I suspect, that the
BorderManager 3.7 simply discharges all broadcasts

What would be the correct filter exception?

Or is there a totally different and easy way to realize
that WOL issue in a way, the user simply doubleclicks
on a icon to WOL power on that workstation in the LAN?

Thanks, Rudi.

[1] That workstation is that one of the CEO, so it's in a
place almost nobody has a key for, and it shall
be switched on to work remotely (PCA) even out of main
business hours and at every time differnt times.
No, it shall *not* be powered on all the time...