We have a flat tree. 1 ORG with OU's 1 level under that. Each OU has its own partition.
Can I install DSFW in a test OU and then a 'new' DSFW domain in each OU later if we decide to go that route?
The docs make it sound like you can only install the 1 DSFW domain in your tree and only new subdomains after that.

From the PDF:
"...if you have name-mapped an existing partition to a domain, you cannot name- map the sibling partitions to create a domain. Using the example in Figure 4-5, if you have already name-mapped the O=Asia partition, you cannot name-map the O=America or O=Europe partitions."

So, I can't have America and Europe be their own domains if Asia is already one? Or does this mean America and Europe cannot be part of Asia's domain because they are not in the Asia edir partition?

Hoping for some clarification!