My current setup is as follows:
Netware 6.0 file server running our Groupwise 5.5 (not enhanced) agents
BM 3.8 server running on Netware 6.0 configured with 3 nic's public,
private, and DMZ
MS Win2000 server running our web server with Groupwise Webaccess
configured (behind dmz)
Also we are currently using transparent http proxy and not http proxy.

I can't figure out the settings for the filter exceptions to make the web
access available when I load ipflt. Works fine without the filters so I
know it's the exceptions. The web server and file server are both using
nat through secondary ip's on the BM server.

configuration is:

Netware 6.0 File Server
Private ip =

Win2000 Web Server (behind dmz)
private ip =

BM 3.8 server
Public ip =
Private ip =
Secondary ip for nat to netware server =
Secondary ip for nat to web server =

What filter exceptions & configuration do I need to add to get this to