Hi all,

I recently installed PHP5 & MySQL to allow for the migration of some
small Intranet apps from an old server, and after i did this, it broke
iManager. Going to https://myserver/nps/ now gives a 403 Access
forbidden error.

The apache error log shows this:

[Tue Dec 08 15:25:30 2009] [warn] proxy: No protocol handler was valid
for the URL /nps/. If you are using a DSO version of mod_proxy, make
sure the proxy submodules are included in the configuration using

If i look in /etc/opt/novell/iManager/nps-Apache.conf, i find this:

Alias /nps "/var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/nps"
ProxyPass /nps ajp://localhost:9009/nps

It appears that apache doesn't understand the ajp protocol (and neither
do i! :-) - how can i make it understand?