Currently we have XP (SP3) non-domain PC's connecting into a Netware edir using client 4.91 sp5. We use Outlook to connect to an external domain Exchange org (both 2007) and use XP's credential manager to connect. This domain is connected using Novell IDM and everything (including domain passwords sync fine). We use a wildcard * entry to simplify the XP credential with and password.

The problem is the XP credentials disappear randomly and I believe it something to do with XP fast logon (I've tested with the "Always Wait for...." local policy enabled, and 0 cacheDomainlogins). I've also tried the 5 seperate DC's in the credential manager - but they also have disappeared ie, etc.

It would be easy if we were just looking to map a drive (net use), but we only trying to maintain credentials for a EXCH connection.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.