I posted this in the wrong forum:

We're been working through this issue for a very long time and it's been slowly growing into a more widespread problem.

The issue is this: On our ZenWorks 7 boxes when a connection is established via a Verizon or Altel wireless card, 30 seconds after a VPN tunnel is established the wireless connection is terminated. We know why it's terminated and it's because private network data gets sent to the ISP and after 20-30 times the ISP will just terminated the session.

We also know which component is sending the data: Workstation Manager. We know this after slowly rebuilding the image and testing after each update. We know disabling Workstation Manager will resolve the issue, but it is not a resolution. We also know going to ZCM 10 will resolve the issue, but we're still not at a point where we're happy with this software in our environment.

We also know that since we started working with ZCM10 we've stopped registering our workstations with ZenWorks 7 and we know that Workstation Manager is related to this service. We have log files which I will be posting later once I have them.

Also it's seen that only newer workstations or re-imaged workstations are exhibiting this behavior. So the new conclusion I have come up with is that maybe Workstation Manager works differently when the workstation is unmanaged?

I've been trying to find confirmation of this. I will be doing more tests as well, but thought I would go ahead and get the post rolling in the event that it's another dead end.

We've tried the latest non-beta version of Zen 7.