Some idea's that all people and companies should study.

Realize the path of least resistance and use it to your advantage. I
think this one is the software industry gets backwards constantly.
Instead of making it easier on the consumer to purchase, maintain, and
support a product they tend to make it harder and more complex.

Keep It Simple Stupid. Everybody already knows this one.

And my personal favorite...
Control is an illusion. The mere idea that one can control anything in
this world is absurd. Humans can't even control themselves. Rid
yourself of that idea and become a happier person. The record industry
is a prime example of how control doesn't work. Their attempts to
control files sharing has done nothing, but invite discord among music
lovers and music creators. Had they chosen to embrace the new
technology and quickly find ways to capitalize on the market they might
have found themselves in much better standing right now.


In my opinion a software company is far better off to keep it as simple
as they can, make access to software, support, and update as simple and
painless as possible, and lose the idea that they control the
information and software they produce and sell. Keep the path with
little resistance, offer good quality and needed features for a decent
price, and people will support you.