BM3.6sp2A, NW 6.5sp1.1. Our librarian needs to connect to zMARC servers through our firewall. The ports are 210 & 7090. They are both TCP, stateful enabled. It will not work. I reinitialize the system each time I make a change. Here are filters from the filters.cfg file.

PROTOCOL-SERVICE IP, Athena zMarc 1, pid=TCP port=7090 srcport=7090 ackfilt=0 stfilt=1, Athena zMarc Access 2
PROTOCOL-SERVICE IP, Athena zMarc, pid=TCP port=210 srcport=210 ackfilt=0 stfilt=1, Athena zMarc Access

The source interface is the private and the destination is the public for both protocols. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Joe Merricks
Network Admin
Hargrave Military Academy
Chatham, VA