I've been having some problems when doing a system update and was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar.

We originally installed 10.2.0 on two servers and roughly 50 workstations. After those first installs we upgraded everything to 10.2.1 through System Update. Everything seems to be working fine and when we installed to our other 1950 machines they got the 10.2.1 client installed.

However, I can't get the Update for ZCM (10.2.1) to baseline. When I send the update to deploy to all devices I get roughly 200 stuck in the pending state. I know that some of these are old devices etc. The problem is that there are some devices that are at the 'Update Assigned' stage but they will not complete the update. I've had users refresh these devices, reboot, etc but nothing seems to be working.

The weirdest part is that when they refresh these devices the inventory info is updated, the last contact time is updated but the device will never hit the 'Update Completed' stage. This doesn't make any sense to me at all, especially since all the machines that are having problems were ones that started with the 10.2.1 install.

Any suggestions?