Okay, fist off, let me start by saying, I realize the speed limitations of wireless, shared 54mps in most cases, on wireless G..now here's my problem...in the school division I work in, most of the schools have lost the funding for thoer labs, so their answer in their eyes, is to plaster the school with wireless, and put laptops everywhere...we still have backend infrastructure of course, but we are being forced to put in wireless access points everywhere, and the schools are buying laptops and using them as they please, no provisions, no lockdown, and as a result, my network is being filled with spyware and malware, crappy software is being installed etc. So here's my question, how well will the adaptive agent work over an access point? As long as the adaptive agent has all the ports open it needs on the access point, do you think there is enough bandwidth to apply policies and roll out some smaller bundle packages to the machines? I would be happy with even policies being applied. What is everyone's opinion on this...I hope its possible.