I'm just full of questions today...Okay, here's a really honest moment, I have some experience with DNS, and DNS records, but I am by no means an expert, and require any insight and experience the community can provide. To date, in my testing, I was able to do the tasks I needed in ZCM 10 without properly configured DNS..however, I imagine its only a matter of time, before this causes me issues. This is where you come in, if I were to configure DNS:

1. Is netware OES2 (SP8) an acceptable platform? What would you use?

2. This may seem silly, but none the less, I need your insight, I would obviously have the SUSE ZCM10 server resolve in the DNS to its IP, but what other records are required?

3. How do I resolve all of my Device IP's to thier hostname, without inputing all of thier records manually into my DNS? Is there some kind of magic thing that happens when I resolve the ZCM server address? Does my ZCM some how magically resololve the device hostnames after this?

I'm just not in the know when it comes to ZCM10 and DNS, if you can answer these questions, I would be greatly appreciate this, and then I can start preparing my enviroment.