I have two servers upgraded to Novell SBS 6.5 from 5.1 version.
Both servers are on NetWare 6.5 sp1.

Main server running GroupWise 6.5.1 with GroupWise WebAccess.

BorderManager server running Border Manager 3.8 SP1a, with patches
applied as per Craig's Tip #1, thanks Craig ;) except for Tuneup as
the server only has 512Mb memory.

Setup Mail Proxying as per Tip #60 (or at least I think I have).

Public NIC of BorderManager server x.x.x.155 has two secondary
addresses x.x.x.154 and x.x.x.156 (subnet

GroupWise WebAcess is NATed through to the main server from the
x.x.x.156 address, x.x.x.154 is the public MX record.

Now all of this works when IPFILT is unloaded, mail in and out,
main server can resolve web addresses, WebAccess is available from
the outside world.

However once I put the defences back up mail can't get in or out.
GWIA becomes unable to resolve hosts domains.

So I manually add in ICMP and ensure that DNS settings seem to
be correct (I am running DNS Proxy as well) but all to no avail.

Could it be one of these strange problems with old filters getting
in the way and needing cleared out? Not sure but seen a couple of
posts along these lines.

If not what exceptions do I need to set to get these two simple (?)
services available?


Mike Letchford