I'm working on deploying ZCM 10 to my company and was wondering what your opinions are on deployment method for newly ghosted computers (I'm going to use a deploy task for all existing computers). What are the pros/cons of installing the Zen Agent with the ghost image prior to sysprep (we still use ghost for imaging by the way...) versus scripting the install of the agent after the desktop is imaged and entered into the domain?

I've seen some posts in the forums with people having problems with duplicate GUIDS. I imagine that you have to take some precautions if you install the agent prior to sysprepping the image to avoid this kind of problem.

The benefit to manully installing or scripting the install after the computer is entered in the domain is you can easily update the agent with the latest version without needing to modify your image.

Right now our image has the ZFD7 agent pre-installed, but of course that agent is old and has not changed in quite a while. I'm inclined to script the install of the agent instead of including it in the image, but I'd love to hear other opinions or methods.