Hi folks,

I just installed 2.5 on our NW6.5 sp7 servers and I'm trying to get my users managed. I've been following the doc (HA!) and checking out the videos, which are more helpful BTW. I manage a college and we have a OU structure for users by department with a file directory structure to match. So for example I have the OU = Arts.Col and OU = Bio.Col and OU = Chem.Col etc. Now I find myself creating a policy for each sub OU under Col because of the file directory stucture that follows makes the home directory path different for each sub OU. I should also mention that each sub OU has a common directory for file sharing. I don't see any way around this and I'm OK with it. The problem is that when I create the policies I put them in the affected OU and NSM doesn't find the policy. I don't think the policy can be in the same OU as the users. Is that right?
I'm going to create a shadow OU structure and put the policies in there. Should that resolve the issue?

Thanks for helping out a N00b