What is the best way to get Xwindows (X11) service as well as SSH
from inside a BM 3.7 or BM3.8 firewall to an outside linux, Unix box?
SSH is ok we have that setup already (command line)
It's the Gui in Xwindows we are having a problem with.

Some users are wanting to use Cygwin on WinXp
Or others are using Linux boxes.
Most of these are laptops that roam in and out and use DHCP internally

They want to get to outside the firewall machines
Since you have to port the xwindow back to an ip address

This basically leads to NAT
and then all the machines would have to have a static ip address that
need to get out. Also the BM server would have to have secondary
ipaddress to equal the NATs

Is there any other solutions, thoughts, simpler methods?

I am sure a lot of other people would be interested in this as well.