Ok, it's a bit of an explanation, but here goes. We have one pool with multiple volumes (I know it's not really recommended but there was a reason behind this set up which I won't get into). The pool and existing volumes exist on our SAN but the pool is running out of space (and in turn a couple of the volumes). What we would like to do is create a new LUN on our SAN for (as an example) APPS_POOL with an APPS volume. However, we would like to move the existing data from the original pool and original volume with the same name (APPS). So, what we believe would be the best method is to:

1. Rename existing APPS volume to APPS2
2. Create new LUN on our SAN and from that create a new APPS_POOL
3. Create an APPS volume under above pool
4. Use SCMT and/or migfiles to move data from the renamed volume to the new volume

Anyone see any "gotchas" to this approach?

Also, we are using VMWare ESX 3.5 so were wondering if it would be better to create 1 LUN per pool or just create one large LUN and divide that up into serveral pools & volumes?