Not sure if this is the right forum but I'll ask and let me know. So I have
2 hardware related questions. My hardware is Proliant server. They come
with dual on-board NICs. In NetWare install the NIC1 will be like port 1001
and NIC2 will be port 1002. When installing Linux, I would go in the BIOS
and disable NIC2 and yet during the SLES install, it still detects that
there are 2 NICs. If you install NetWare or Windows on the same box, it
will only see 1 NIC. Do you know why Linux is doing this behavior?

The second part of the question. The new Proliant 380s or 385s now come
with 4 on-board NICs. In the back of the server, they are labeled port1
thru 4. I connect the LAN cable to port 1. And during the SLES install it
will sometimes label port1 as eth1 or eth2 but never eth0. And yet it is
actuallly on port 1. Does anyone know why is this behavior happening. I
would like to see that what I plug in port 1 it is also labeled as eth0.

Thank you in advance.