Running GW5.5 and GWIA on a NW4.11/SP9 server behind a NW5.0/BM3.5
firewall. I'd like to be able to filter out certain spam-related IP
addresses via FILTCFG on the 4.11 machine but have unsuccessful so
far. TID 2930996 points the way and I was able to filter out
undesirable address's on a test setup using a NW5.1 box but I'm unable
to obtain any satisfaction with the 4.11 machine. I'm seeing 'Loader
cannot find public symbol: FSGETNEXTINTERFACE. Module IPFILT31.NLM not
loaded' when the filters are reinitialized which may be the source of
the problem. TID 10014293 may apply but BorderManager is not running
on the 4.11 server.


Tks, Rickl