Hello all,

We have been working with gsoap 2.7.9e on a Linux platform as a type of file server.

To do this, we were using the "dime" functionality as seen in the dimeclient.cpp and dimeserver.cpp examples.

We are able to start the dimeserver (ex: ./dimeserver 8025 - to assign it to port 8025) and it starts with no problem.

When we are not using (testing) it, the process also remains.

When we actually do use it, the files save and retrieve - again with no problem.

The thing is, after our successful testing, we see that the dimeserver process has "crashed" for lack of a better word.

So, after starting it, it seems to be fine - but - we start to get problems when we actually try to use it. Again, the processing does work - the files are saved and retrieved. It is just after a few hours, the process "disappears".

Has anyone else had this type of problem with gsoap?

Best regards, Casey