i need some clarification please.

Today we have a plain Novell Network with Windows Workstations and
Novell Client on it (No AD or Windows Domain anywhere).

Now we got more and more Windows Applicationserver who have some Shares
where the Novell Clients should connected to.

But is there a transparent Way to do this for my Users (meaning no
additional Loginscreen of the Windowsservers)?

I didn't like also to add all the Users in the lokal Usermanagement of
the Windowserver.

I thaw DSFW is a fine Thing for this, but after some Reading i found the
Info about it isn't a good Idea to Have the Workstation joint to a DSFW
Domain _and_ have the Novell Client on it!

Now i'm a little confused about what is the right Solution for my Scenario.

Any Recommends are welcome.