Currently we use 'Wait on force run' and 'Determine force run order' to deliver applications in the order required. This was working okay until recently and I am unable to identify why.

Our configuration has application delivery timer start that is set to Run Order 0 and then another application delivery timer end that is set to 850 after the last application object in the run order list. Previously the timer would start up, then all the applications would deliver and finally the application timer end would shut down the timer.

Now the application timer starts and ends in the same minute then some NALs continue to run after the timer ends. This is problematic because we have applications that depend the delivery of support files and if a user opens the file before the files are written then application is not configured correctly.

Visual of application delivery and NALDIAG proves that the applications are not being rolled out based on 'Determine force run order'.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as this has become a globally impacting issue.