I'm trying to segregate servers based on their location, because each location has the same hostnames.

For example:

Store 001: managerpc, register01, register02
Store 002: managerpc, register01, register02, register03
Store 750: managerpc, register01, register02

I hit a limit of 500 rules when attempting to create registration rules so maybe I need to approach this from another angle.

The FQDN uniquely defines each server:

My theory was to use a registration filter of "DNS ends with" -> Devices/Servers/Stores/ST001.

Is there a limit on the number of registration keys too? What are all the options when adding a service with rug sa? Can I specify a folder from the agent side? Parsing the FQDN from the command line on the agent might be easier that doing this with registration rules/keys.