I'm in the testing phases of setting up inventory. My inventory server is up and running great. I installed the latest Zen 7 SP1 IR4 on 12 PC's in a lab to see how things would go. 6 of the 13 would not properly upload their STR files.

The minimal inventory gets updated and is listed as "scanned" in the status. The log file on the workstation may say "027: Unable to read the sequence number" or in one case I got "063: Transfer .STR file from the Workstation to the Inventory Server failed."

I've combed the forums for information and answers. It makes no sense at all why some workstations work and some don't. They all have the same NetWare client and ZEN versions.

After remembering how I couldn't complete the install to the ZEN Inventory server unless I uninstalled the NMAS client on the install workstation. I thought...hmmmm. What if I uninstall the NMAS client on one of the workstations that can't import? Sure enough, right after I uninstalled the NMAS client and rebooted, that workstation started working!

I went and checked on the client's that were working before and they all have NMAS installed as well. As far as I know we don't use NMAS for anything. The configurations looked the same to me.

Why would removing the NMAS client fix this issue and why don't I have this issue for all of the PC's? Any ideas?