I am attempting to install Calendar Publisher from the SP1 set, to NW
6.5 sp8. Note, unlike everything else, (po, mta, webaccess, gwia) this
is a piece I did not previously install under GW8.0 This may be my
problem, although I do not think so.

While everything else went fine, installing the Calendar Publisher
failed. The step asks for the address of my LDAP server, which I give
it, and it comes back saying something about no ldap services at that
address, or whatever.

My LDAP server should berunning on my groupwise server, which houses my
PO, MTA, GWIA and Webaccess all in one.

NLDAP is loaded on the server, and PKIDIAG shows no problems.

How can I tell if LDAP is working? What I have found searching is for
previous versions, and I do not know if it is valid with NW 6.5.