Connecting with the new remote desktop client (windows 7 and vista), we get asked for username and password (but we don't get to the desktop yet on the server)
The user logs onto windows and active directory, but not Novell.

BTW: The password is the same as the username for this test account.
I logon to active directory, but NOT Novell, so logon scripts are not processed, etc.

HOW can this be changed so that the user logs on to Novell (edirectory) also?

IF I logon using an older version of the RDP client, I get the desktop

Where I have to click the Novell Logon link in order to logon to Novell, but then,

I logon properly, meaning I logon to Novell and Active Directory and get the novell drive mappings.

Is this a setting in the Novell client to force the Log on to Novell Network first? And if that is possible, would that make the newer RDP client pass the credentials to Novell?