Hi there,

Using BM3.7 sp3 and Netware 6 sp4. Workstations are Win2k (sp4).
The BM "server" is separate to the Netware file server, and is a 2.4GHz
celeron with 1Gb of memory.

Students surf the internet and at 11pm access rules time restrictions deny
all access to the internet. BUT, I have noticed over the past few months,
for a number of hours after 11pm, there is a continuous stream (Windows
Media) which downloads and then eventually stops. The windows media sites
are accessed (according to SurfControl) during the time the students are
allowed, but as I said, the streaming download continues, usually for 2 to 5
Any ideas how to stop this? The workstations are not making requests (they
are switched off anyway), it is BM itself which is continuing.